In case the bad humor above flew over your head, today we'll be looking into the powerhouse of the pastime video games industry referred to as Wizards of the Coast. Over the next few weeks, there will be a new post every friday featuring one of their numerous items, but initially let's find out about the company itself.Wizards of the Coast, or WotC… Read More

Goa is situated on the south-west side of India. We also know it as the beach capital of India and it is thought about as paradise to beach fans. It has 40 beaches to its crown and the sanctity of every beach is frustrating. The sports events, beach side restaurants and culture make it more dynamic and vibrant. The beaches out there are complete of… Read More

Our trip went really smoothly, thanks to Dave Saunders at LondonGolf who arranged the whole thing. He did a spectacular task and, in general, whatever went as planned. We did find out some things along the way that might be of assistance to anybody else thinking about making the journey to golf's mecca. In no specific order.Among the huge benefits … Read More

Something a lot of experts understand about woodworking that a newbie would not understand is the concept of stack framing. This concept is all about stacking wood up in a way that the wood itself is holding the bulk of the weight instead of how the wood is attached.This is where industrial realty gets challenging. You have no capital when the stru… Read More